Ultra Portable Projectors

Ultra Portable Projectors

If you want to take your show on the road then now it is really very easy with todays incredibly shrinking projectors. Today’s latest ultra portable projector models are remarkably lightweight, small and easy to use as well. But with the available range of ultra portable projectors in the market you can choose between two distinctly different technologies each having their own set of advantages.

Talking about the first group of projectors which is the traditional model that uses the large high-intensity replaceable lamps having the brightness level of thousand lumens and is powerful & efficient enough to display the presentations in a large conference rooms. These high-performance model typically provide lots of features and functionalities that includes high resolution, more connectivity options, widescreen as 1280 by 800 wide, optical zooming power and capability to increase the display size by increasing the projection distance.

On the other hand, the other group of projector is the new breed of ultra portable projector, which is lamp-free miniature model and uses the LED (Light Emitting Diode) illumination that has the brightness level of some hundred lumens and is much smaller than the traditional models. Though they are smaller than the traditional model of projector, it is bigger than the pocket sized Pico projector which just weighs some ounce but is capable of low-resolution image projection from portable media’s like mobile devices and laptops.

In spite of LED projectors small size, it has several advantages over the traditional models as large venue projectors. Like they consume less power, they run quieter and cooler; its LED light source has 10,000 to 30,000 hour of life span and has contrast of about 2000-3000 hour life and off course the replaceable lamp that most of the conventional projectors use. Not only that, some of the LED projectors can even display the images without any PC connection as they have their own built-in-media players that can easily be connected to USB storage devices. This projector is best option for those business personnel’s who like to travel light as possible and want to conduct PC-free presentation while they are on go.

So, under this ultra portable projector range you can get very small, portable and light weight projectors which are very efficient and powerful to present your view in a confident manner in a way you want them to do. So, just find out your portable projector by comparing its different aspect and different vendors.