What Is a Smartphone

What Is a Smartphone

Do you know what it is or do you still confuse why a hand phone is called a Smartphone? In the midst of the rapid growth of Smartphone distribution, there are some people who still do not know what the definition of a Smartphone. They often asked the difference between a Smartphone with a normal mobile phone. Let’s discuss this.

If a mobile phone (featured phone) is generally only used to make voice calls and SMS, a Smartphone has the ability much greater than that. Although there are no definite standards of a Smartphone yet, but in general, a Smartphone is a communications device with capabilities like mobile phones that also has other capabilities such as listening to the music, browsing, sending, receiving and reading e-mail, playing games, chatting, and so forth.

The characteristics of Smartphone

There has been no agreement on what makes a phone called as Smartphone. The understanding of Smartphone can be changed over time. This is because the technological advances in processor, memory, display, and operating system causing demand for more advanced portable tools.

Here are the characteristics of a Smartphone.

• Smartphone shall have the operating system like Android, Windows Mobile, iOS, RIM Blackberry, Symbian, and Waphouse.
• The standard applications in a Smartphone are scheduling, email, browser, and more.
• Smartphone hardware is exactly the same with a computer but it is in a small size.
• Internet access is as good as when we access it via computer.
• It can process the message. A Smartphone has an advantage in processing electronic messages.

Causes why a mobile phone should be called Smartphone

What makes a phone deserves to be called as a Smartphone? Is it because of the operating system, screen, or the speed of computing? One thing is for sure, a Smartphone should be able to run many applications at a time such as MP3 player, gallery, and internet. The more applications that can be opened and run, the more capable processor is needed in order to not disturb and inhibit the phone’s performance as a means of telecommunication.

Nowadays, there are a lot of models of Smartphone with a large screen to accommodate the needs of the interface features to provide a better experience to execute the touch screen. Besides that, the development of more advanced operating system makes the definition of what is a Smartphone are growing and changing too.